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RRK Properties is a full-service Commercial Real Estate Development Company based in the CA area. We believe that the best and most successful developments are created with masterful planning and a comprehensive approach to each new project. Whether its real estate development to commercial construction, interior design and more; RRK Properties offers excellent returns and first-rate services. Contact us today for a free consultation.



You’ll experience the RRK Properties difference when negotiating your lease because the father/son team of RRK Properties owns the properties they manage; they negotiate leases with the mindset of a Business Owner. You’ll find in contrast to a Leasing Agent, which may be driven by a short-term goal of obtaining a leasing commission and moving onto the next deal, RRK Properties prefers negotiating leases that benefit the landlord and tenant for the long-term.


Since 1997, RRK Properties has provided property management services for commercial office/warehouse properties in Broward County, Florida. During such time, we have worked hard to not only enhance the values of each property, but to maintain close and longstanding relationships with each of our tenants and vendors. The following key areas set us apart from other companies:


RRK Properties visits and inspects each of their properties on a continual basis, thereby allowing us to proactively maintain and improve the conditions of the building’s structure, landscape, and common areas.


RRK Properties has a licensed general contractor in house with an experienced maintenance crew, and affiliations with various architects, technicians, and
tradesmen, giving us the ability to facilitate maintenance and construction projects quickly. This not only helps lower our costs, which help keep our
rental rates low, it can speed up the time it takes for you to open your


Throughout the years, we have purposely restricted our property locations to concentrate in Broward County. By doing so, we gain the following advantages:

  • Visit properties on a daily basis

  • Ability to respond to tenant requests quickly

  • Ability to show vacancies with little advance notice

  • Up to date with surrounding property rental rates

  • Proficient with the local building codes, laws, and regulations

  • Ability to closely monitor maintenance and construction projects

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